Woman on Fit 360 3D body scanner

FIT 360 3-D Body Scanner

The leading standard for body assessment technology. This 360 degree 3-D imaging of your body, mass, posture, and balance will transform the way you see yourself AND your progress.

This safe technology is quick and easy. You simply stand in place and voila! You have a baseline.

In 35 seconds, you’ll have all the benchmark information you need for your key performance metrics: body lean mass, body fat mass, body fat %, weight, balance, circumference measurements, and posture. You also get a great 3-D image of yourself each time you do the scan!

3D Avatars & Reports

Shows how your body is changing over time.
This interactive report is ready within 3 minutes for you to view.

Visually Show Body Transformation

Our “Comparison Overlay” feature that shows visual changes over time, backed by body measurements.

Shows you HOW your body is changing. Empowers you to stay engaged & see the results of your health program.

Posture & Balance

Fit3D also tracks posture & balance – great for aesthetics, athletics, strength, injury prevention, & chiropractic progress!

Literally see and track your own before and after!

This tool has been a leading favorite of our patients. It really allows them to see and track their own progress in a meaningful and different way than ever before.

Caring Progressive practitioners take the time to walk through and explain the metrics and their importance. Additionally, how you can make meaningful impact not only on your weight, lean body mass, and balance, but more importantly on your overall health and well-being!

Losing weight is often about so much more than looking better, though it is certainly a motivator and benefit. Losing weight and building muscle helps with your metabolic rate, your energy levels, and your ability to fight diseases. They also help balance hormones in many cases, as too much body fat can really throw off hormone balance!

Our Body Scanner Technology Can Help You Start Your Journey

A secret we know at Progressive: increasing metabolism and finding a healthy body weight is not driven 90% by exercise…. it is, in fact, driven 90% by dietary choices (and some lifestyle modifications too).

Our Expert Registered Dieticians customize a nutrition plan for each and every one of our patients, so they are empowered to make the right choices for their health. Looking to get started on your journey to greater health? Begin with a fitness assessment utilizing our 3d body scanner in Atlanta, Georgia.

Join us to transform your weight, posture, and overall health!