Why Should I Consider a Natural, Wellness-Based Approach?

Traditional medicine is effective for treating acute infection and conditions of that sort, but remarkably ineffective at successfully treating chronic conditions where patients often experience pain for months or even years on end. At Progressive Medical Center, we treat a variety of these conditions using integrative medicine for our Atlanta, Austin, Frisco, and San Antonio patients. If you’ve experienced a prolonged struggle with any medical issue (chronic pain, weight management, nutrition, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.) then an integrative solution may be what you need to significantly improve your quality of life. In fact, most individuals who choose to pursue an integrative solution to improving their overall quality of life never look back (just look at the 7 pages of testimonials from real patients).

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Finding & Fixing the Underlying Causes of Your Anxiety Disorder
Progressive Medical Center

by: Progressive Medical Center

We’re almost certain that everyone has experienced what it feels like to be anxious. Sweaty palms. Faster heartbeat. You know how it feels. While anxiety is common among many people, it can become a major problem if it is not handled properly. Some people may not realize that anxiety disorders are classified as serious mental […]

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