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Words from our patients

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    "Great support center for those who prefer a holistic approach to their health. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and supportive."

    G. P.
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    "After visiting Progressive and following their treatments, I felt brand new and better than ever."

    Michael D.
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    "My experience as a chiropractic patient at Progressive has been amazing for my back health."

    Keanna A.
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    "Offering cutting edge integrative medicine for over 23 years. Well trained staff and leaders in functional medicine"

    John S.
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    "Every physician, therapist, receptionist, nurse, and phlebotomist were kind, sympathetic, and professional!"

    Melody G.
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    "I'm so grateful for their cutting edge technology, and helpful recommendations, I wouldn't have gotten this critical info anywhere else!!"

    Camille J.
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    "The people at Progressive are attentive, they care about you as a whole and the made feel as if my questions and the reason I went to them were very very important."

    Vilmar R.
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    "I recommend Progressive to anyone who wants to get to the root cause of their health challenges."

    A. G.
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    "The practitioners at Progressive Medical are extremely thorough and I felt heard for the first time in a very long time."

    Holistic H.
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    "Very grateful and appreciative I was recommended to this medical center and I'm looking forward to the positive results of our partnership to improve my health..."

    Michael W.